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On the Path to a Horticulture Career

According to Snap-on Inc., horticulture is a fast-growing industry and career opportunities exist for those skilled and educated in the proper use and safety of horticultural tools. The company recently announced that it is adding horticulture certification to its technical education program.

Snap-on Industrial has expanded its technical education program by now offering a horticulture certification course that covers four areas: safety, pruner and lopper design, applications and tool maintenance.

The company states that people who complete the course give themselves a leg up on the competition and will be prepared to meet the challenges of this career field in industries such as agriculture, floral, landscaping, parks and recreation, turf management, viticulture and others.

Horticulture is just one of many certification courses developed by the tool company and designed to further the skills and hands-on knowledge of technicians. To date, more than 100 technical schools from across the country are offering these specialized certifications in disciplines like torque, diagnostics, vehicle information systems and now horticulture. These programs enable students to broaden their technical skills while enhancing their employability.

The goal of the education program is to leverage more than 90 years of industry knowledge and tool expertise, and develop product certification courses that serve as a significant enhancement to the curricula currently taught in today's technical classrooms. These certification courses place emphasis on tool use, theory and application to make students more well-rounded, skilled and proficient on the job. The certifications are not an add-on, but rather are integrated into the existing courses offered by partnering schools.

The certification training is a collaborative effort between Snap-on and the National Coalition of Certification Centers, which is a network of education partners and corporations that supports advances in workforce skills in various sectors.

For more information about Snap-on's Education Program, contact Frederick Brookhouse, senior business and education partnership manager, Snap-on, at 262.656.6043, email, or visit

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August 21, 2019, 11:19 pm PDT

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