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UC Riverside Extension, the continuing education branch of the University of California, Riverside, debuted its first online course, "Foundations of Turfgrass Mangement," in the winter of 2000. The positive response to that online class has evolved into a full online program and certification in turfgrass management. A person starting the introductory course in the fall, can complete the certificate by August 2004. UC Riverside Extension is a leader in turfgrass research, and southern California is home to hundreds of golf courses, cemeteries and other turfgrass facilities. The certificate in turfgrass management is designed to bring the latest research and sound, environmentally sensitive management practices to turfgrass facilities. Certificate Requirements Certificate candidates must successfully complete 30 units with a grade C or better. There are eight required courses (24 units) and a minimum of six elective units. While the coursework can be accessed from anywhere night or day, students can participate in the class "live," i.e., they can log on when the class is scheduled to begin. They can see and hear the instructor who is on camera, while viewing PowerPoint sides or other visuals on the screen. The students can then send questions via a messaging format (like a chat room). Participating on line allows the students to meet with their fellow classmates from across the U.S. Former on line students have included operations managers from golf courses and management organizations. Students may choose to take selected courses if they don't wish to pursue the certification. The eight required courses (3 units each) for certification: 1. Foundations of Turfgrass Management 2. Turfgrass Irrigation and Drainage 3. Turfgrass Species and Applications 4. Math for Turfgrass and Landscape Managers 5. Management Skills for Turfgrass and Landscape Managers 6. Soil Fertility and Fertilizers 7. Principles of Plant Growth 8. Introduction to Chemistry for Environmental and Agricultural Professionals Electives (must take two electives for certification): 1. Pesticide Use on Turfgrass and Ornamental Plants 2. Turfgrass Pests 3. Watershed and Storm Water Regulations and Management 4. Landscape Plants in a Turf Environment The instructors include: Donald Ackley, a water management specialist; William Baker, licensed pest control advisor, certified arborist, and certified golf course superintendent; Ronald Gregory, ASLA, landscape architect; Janet Hartin, environmental horticulture advisor; and Mo Lahsaie, PhD, clean water coordinator for Oceanside, Calif. For further information, go to

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