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"Our Winning Green Spaces" Contest Finds Winner
Department Receives $15,000 Mower Package


The Parks and Recreation department of Clinton won has been given a Lazer Z X-Series mower package to aid in park maintenance. The entry cited increased foot traffic to the park as a factor in the need for field maintenance.

Project EverGreen partnered with Exmark Manufacturing and the SportsTurf Managers Association to decide the winner of the "Our Winning Green Spaces" contest.

The Parks and Recreation Department of Clinton, N.C., has been named the winner of the contest, and received a Exmark Lazer X-Series mower package with a $15,000 value in addition to a infrastructure "facelift."

In their entry, Jonathan Allen, the director of the Clinton department, said budget cuts to maintenance and aging infrastructure put a strain on the department. The parks have also been receiving more visitors on the sports fields, making the turf wear more quickly in addition to straining the0 department staff.

"The increased usage has placed more wear and tear on the natural turf fields and there is little to no down time for the fields to recuperate and be properly maintained," stated Allen.

At the beginning of summer, Project EverGreen, STMA and local volunteers will renovate the soccer and football field to create a healthy and safe environment for children.

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December 6, 2019, 1:07 pm PDT

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