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Park's Parking Plan Perks Protests

Master planning supplemental park parking on the street doesn’t fly with planning commission.

We happened upon a parking lot design issue, which is pertinent this month as LASN Associate Editor Buck Abbey, ASLA, associate professor in the Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture at Louisiana State University, wrote about parking design and ordinances, or lack of same.


The Augusta Chronicle reports a public meeting for a proposed master plan for a new park in Evans, Ga., a Columbia County community of about 17,000 just northwest of Augusta, raised considerable objections among attendees.The master plan by the landscape architects calls for 218 parking spaces within the new Evans Town Center Park, but 54 spaces are situated along a boulevard at the edge of the park and angled at 45 degrees.People objected to the street parking as both too dangerous (it’s on a buy thoroughfare) and speculated the spaces would mostly be used by shoppers for the retail stores planned for across the street.The paper quoted Columbia County Commissioner Steve Brown: “It is a recipe for disaster. This is a parking lot with a street going through it. The plan is flawed.”Many, including the planning commission, wondered why the park designers didn’t just include more parking within the park.One landscape architect replied that a “passive park” (one without athletic fields) needed less, not more parking as a way to encourage pedestrian traffic and for crowd control.The park plan includes a five-acre lawn area, two smaller lawn areas, tree-lined walking trails, trees, restrooms, concession areas, resting stations, two playgrounds and pavilions.The consulting firm said a passive park appealed to about 80 percent of the area residents, with only 12 percent opting for athletic fields.The consultants are reviewing the public comments and considering if a parking change is warranted.

A video of the master plan presentation and comments are available at”

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October 15, 2019, 5:02 am PDT

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