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The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) maintains an extensive, outdoor, field testing facility through which the performance of rolled and spray on erosion control and revegetation products are evaluated. Rather than relying upon standard ASTM-type material characteristics (i.e. weight, tensile strength, etc.,) TXDOT elected to establish critical performance factors for these products, and construct a facility which could collect field performance data on these critical performance factors.

Through a contract with the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) Environmental Management Program, TXDOT constructed an extensive evaluation facility on the Riverside Campus of Texas A&M University. TTI conducts annual field performance tests on new products as proposed to TXDOT by industry. Goals of this program include: to conduct an evaluation program which could be used to develop a defensible "Approved Material List" of erosion control products for TXDOT; to provide a mechanism through which the industry could have their products evaluated for possible use by TXDOT; and to share that information freely with designers and specifiers at any level. Landscape Architects and specifiers may request additional information or copies of the complete final performance analysis reports by phone (512)416-3091; fax (512)416-3044; or email at

A description of the TXDOT facility, evaluation protocol, a listing of all products evaluated to date, and complete performance data by brand or trade name on the 57 products evaluated are currently available on TXDOT's Internet Home Page at, under the "What's New" button. This will be updated annually to include performance data on all new products tested. A full printed report with all of the above data, and also including complete graphical charts, statistical analysis of product performance, and standard TXDOT specifications is also available at no cost to interested parties.

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