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Pest Management Guide for Commercial Turfgrass

Cornell Cooperative

The 2008 edition of the "Pest Management Guide for Commercial Turfgrass" is now available. This annual publication provides up-to-date pest management information for those producing or maintaining turfgrass in New York State. It has been designed as a practical guide for sod producers, landscapers, turfgrass managers, pesticide dealers, and others who advise those producing or maintaining turfgrass.

Since then, every effort has been made to provide correct, complete, and up-to-date pest management information for New York State at the time this publication was released for printing (Feburary, 2008). Changes in pesticide registrations, regulations, and guidelines occurring after publication are available in county Cornell Cooperative Extension offices or from the Pesticide Management Education Program web site

Trade names used herein are for convenience only. No endorsement of products is intended, nor is criticism of unnamed products implied. These guidelines are not a substitute for pesticide labeling. Always read the product label before applying any pesticide.

The guidelines in this bulletin reflect the current (and past) authors best effort to interpret a complex body of scientific research, and to translate this into practical management options. Following the guidance provided in this bulletin does not assure compliance with any applicable law, rule, regulation or standard, or the achievement of particular discharge levels from agricultural land.

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