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PGMS Presents Gold Medal Award to STMA
For Its Contributions in the Green Industry

PGMS Presents Gold Medal Award to STMA

Sarah Martin, CSFM and president of Sports Turf Managers Association, accepts the Professional Grounds Management Society 2018 Gold Medal, on behalf of the association.

On October 18, the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) was given the 2018 Gold Medal Award from the Professional Grounds Managements Society (PGMS). Sarah Martin, CSFM and president of STMA, received the award at the PGMS Annual Awards and Induction Dinner, during the Green Industry & Entertainment Expo in Louisville, Kentucky.

PGMS Presents Gold Medal Award to STMA

PGMS has recognized STMA for its leadership and commitment in sports turf management, educational programs and member certification.

According to the PGMS website, the PGMS Gold Medal award recognizes an individual or entity for their "outstanding achievements and/or contributions to the green industry," which STMA has demonstrated by implementing programs that ensure safe surfaces for athletes. STMA works to improve the industry by educating, spreading awareness and developing the workforce. In addition, the association uses best management practices to keep members informed and prepared for challenges related to sports turf management.

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