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Philly's Program Encourages Being Outdoors

Nature Prescribers Urge a Healthy Lifestyle

Philly's Program Encourages Being Outdoors

The NaturePHL program strives to inform Philadelphians about the health benefits of being outdoors through various resources including a clinical program, a green space mapping platform, and educational conferences and events.

According to Green Philly, an online community-focused resource that promotes and encourages a sustainable lifestyle, Philadelphia ranks highest in childhood obesity, reaching 20% citywide. Several organizations including the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department, and the National Forest Service have collaborated as part of a nature prescription movement (previously known as NatureRX), in order to help citizens achieve better health.

The NaturePHL program seeks to encourage more time outdoors rather than on the screens in order to reduce stress, increase focus, and maintain a healthy weight. According to the Green Philly's article, urban environments can be commonly viewed as having very few green spaces. The new program demonstrates the contrary, listing more than 100 parks and green spaces that are available throughout the city for Philadelphians.

As an online resource, users can filter through searches such as park amenities, public transportation, wheelchair accessibility and sports facilities, or use an interactive map to find various spots that are preferable.

To explore the NaturePHL website and learn about upcoming events, visit

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