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Plan Directs Superfund Sites to Private Sector

The former Bayonne Barrel & Drum Superfund Site in Newark, New Jersey is one of 144 Superfunds sites in the state.

Deputy Commissioner David Sweeney of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection told the Philadelphia Inquirer the department's 13 percent budget cuts since 2009 have left it unable to case manager the state's hazardous-waste sites. According to the EPA, New Jersey has 144 Superfund sites, the most of any state, and has more than 16,000 hazardous-waste cleanups pending.

New Jersey environmental officials are looking for cleanup help from state-licensed environmental professionals in the private sector. In fact, a plan is under review that will basically relegate the state environmental protection department to the role of auditors on the majority of cases. Some state environmental activists fear that leaving more of the cleanup to the private sector will result in less oversight and lower standards.

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New Jersey environmental officials believe it will speed up cleanup times and allow their reduced staff to focus on the worst contamination sites. Visit

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June 16, 2019, 10:32 pm PDT

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