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PLANET Has Announced Top Selling Publication

PLANET, the national trade association that represents more than 100,000 landscape industry professionals, has announced its top selling publication.

The Professional Landcare Network has announced their Technician Training Manual as the top selling PLANET publication for 2013, which also has a video series.

Originally created as study materials for the Landscape Industry Certified Technician Exterior exam, it has now proven to be popular as comprehensive training materials for new employees; a supplement to existing training programs, and for some companies they have even become the primary material for their training program.

"We use the Training Manuals for Landscape Technicians as the backbone of our field training," said Matthew Triplett, Landscape Industry Certified Manager & Technician, Willamette Landscape Services. "You can easily customize your training programs with the material covered on irrigation, maintenance, and installation."

Training videos are included along with the training manuals. Manuals are provided in English and Spanish. A portal was created to let people preview manuals and training videos.

Manuals with access to 20-plus online videos are available for sale in the PLANET online bookstore,

Association news and events are listed at To view the calendar of upcoming events, visit, go to the Associations/Events" tab and click on "Search for Events."

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