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Play Piece from the '60s Revived


PlayCubes were on display at Chinatown Park on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston, June 8 to Sept. 5, as an extension of "Extraordinary Playscapes', an exhibition of the Design Museum Foundation that featured over 40 play spaces from around the world. Photo: Playworld

PlayCubes, geometric shaped play pieces that encourage exploration and climbing, were introduced in the 1960s by architect Richard Dattner. Now Playworld, a commercial playground equipment manufacturer in Lewisburg, Pa., is partnering with Mr. Dattner to revive his original PlayCubes.

The cubes "encourage positive, open-ended, child-directed play," said Michael Laris, chief product officer for Playworld.

The distinctive geometric shapes and handholds are designed for climbing, with small recesses that invite entry and provide an immersive play experience.

"These timeless structures, reimagined for today's world, provide children with the opportunity to use their senses for learning how their body works, feeling textures, colors and their environment, free from parental micromanagement," explained Dattner.

The cubes are available in a single cube for ages 2 and up, and in four preset designs that vary in size, capacity and play activity for ages 5 and up. The modular cubes interlink, which allows the playground designer to fill various size spaces.

As seen in LASN magazine, October 2016.

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