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Playground Seeks Volunteers for Safe Installation

They've got a new playground--now Indiana's Union Center Elementary needs some experienced hands to help install it. Kids "need that release to just play," PTO president SanDee Adams said.

Prior to purchasing a new $35,000-playground, Union Center Elementary School in Union Township, Ind. was told the structure would be “volunteer friendly” to install.

With visions of a community workday this spring, the PTO ordered the equipment. Then the massive instruction manual arrived. It landed with a thud, like a kid falling off the monkey bars.

Just the sight of the complicated, textbook-like document was enough to put the PTO in a tangle. It has an elaborate playground to replace the school’s old decrepit one, but the organization finds itself at a standstill on how to install it.

It can either find qualified professionals to install the equipment for free or shell out big bucks for the manufacturer to do it.

But the PTO isn’t giving up yet. With the playground in storage, it is determined to find a way to install it in April. Melissa Castle-Kirincic, who secured a $5,000 grant from Lowe’s during the initial fundraising process, insisted the group has a can-do attitude because the playground is so important to the children.

Anybody with expertise who is willing to help or anyone willing to donate toward the cause can call SanDee Adams at (219) 531-2196.

Source: The Northwest Indiana Times

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December 14, 2019, 7:50 am PDT

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