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Playworld Product Debuts on Ellen DeGeneres Show

Will the flashing lights game catch on at the playground?

If you attended the ASLA Expo in San Francisco Oct. 6 & 7, 2007, you no doubt saw just to the left of the entrance a bunch of people standing around looking at various people lunging about as quickly as they could to push flashing lights on four yellow towers. All the activity was the introduction of a game called NEOS from Playworld.

While there are nine games to play with NEOS, each with various levels of difficulty, the basic game pits two players against one another. ItOs a contest of speed. One player waits to see a flashing green light somewhere on one of the panels. The other player is looking for the red light. The green and red lights flash on intermittently and by pushing the light you score a point, then quickly move to push the next flashing light, and so on. ItOs a timed event, the score is kept electronically, and all the while there is a sound track playing.

We mention this because NEOS got some national attention Dec. 13, 2007 on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in a segment called ONEOS to Meet You.O We missed the show, because we were busy working to put out a magazine, but we did catch it on the showOs website:

Ellen, 49, and Jim, 23, a staff member competed, then two members of the audience. Ellen and Jim played OLight Grabber,O which lasts for only 45 seconds but feels like about twice that long when you play it (we know because we played it at the ASLA Expo). The action is quick and thereOs plenty of bumping into one another and reaching around.

The game is definitely fun and engaging, but we wonder if the physical nature of the play (the bumping) may make cities wary of placing the game in their parks or playgrounds.

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