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The Pattern Language of Concrete Pavers Book Now Available WASHINGTON - Concrete pavers are one of the hottest pavements around homes, commercial buildings, and urban spaces. Designers know that the selection of pavement patterns and colors have a big influence on the character of these places. In this book, you'll learn the design vocabulary of basic paving patterns and progress to more intricate variations. Each of the 300+ color photos demonstrates how specific patterns, colors, and textures, enhance every outdoor environment--from the smallest backyard patio to the grand urban plaza. Some of the best projects from across North America illustrate this book. Written for landscape architects, architects, contractors, and homeowners alike, this is the design handbook for concrete pavers. This 200 page, softcover book is $25 for Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute members and $29.95 for non-members. NSSGA URGES BUSH TO CONSIDER TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE ARLINGTON, Va., - Saying that, "Without adequate attention to our transportation infrastructure-an economic foundation of this nation-the environment, motorist safety and the very quality of life which assures freedom of mobility is at risk," NSSGA President and CEO Joy Wilson, urged President Bush to include a commitment to transportation infrastructure in his budget and legislative recommendations. In a recent letter to the president, she said that, "Without adequate investment in the multi-trillion dollar national highway system asset upon which 75 percent of the sales value of our nation's goods are transported by truck, commerce suffers." NSSGA's letter is part of a concerted effort to convince the president that investment in the federal highway program is an ideal way to boost the nation's economy. The letter cites creation of jobs as another reason why transportation infrastructure construction is so important to the economy. Wilson noted, "Jobs in basic construction material industry known as aggregates (crushed stone, sand and gravel) are at operations that invest in communities for many decades. These 10,000 quarry, sand and gravel operations around the country-the vast majority are 'mom-and-pop' family owned enterprises-create long-lasting, well-paying positions." Wilson also alluded to the poor quality of America's roads and bridges and how they affect the nation. "Alleviating traffic congestion also improves the environment, and maintaining and improving our road system saves lives...more than 12,000 lives are lost annually, according to the Federal Highway Administration, in whole or in part due to unsafe road and bridge conditions."

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