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Aley, Lebanon

Based in Lebanon, Francis Landscapes is a professional firm comprised of landscape architects and planners. Founded in 1987, the firm provides full planning, design and supervision services in landscape architecture, environmental planning and urban design.

The firm's projects are spread out in the Middle East, Africa and Europe and include a wide range of urban design, mountain and beach resorts, public parks, hotels, university campuses, sports clubs and office buildings, plus state-of-the-art residences, palaces and government buildings.

Frederic Francis is a landscape architect with deep passion and respect for nature, feelings that extend back to early childhood. He says his creative landscapes "express harmony and serenity that can provide a real enchantment for the soul."

After earning a landscape design degree in France in 1988, Francis graduated in landscape architect in 1992 in Belgium. Since his return to Lebanon in 1993, he has been managing Francis Landscapes. Frederic Francis has won numerous competitions for projects in Lebanon and abroad during these years, earning him a wide reputation.

Aley, Lebanon

Vanishing Point, Aley, Lebanon
Located on the crest of a hill, this Aley, Lebanon villa culminates with an infinity pool that seems to blend earth and sky. With an expansive view of Beirut and the Mediterranean Sea, the adjacent garden is rendered magical by 50-year-old pine trees and the breathtaking 360-degree view.

The designed landscape respects the magnificence of the location, allowing the grandeur of the setting to speak for itself.

Aley, Lebanon

The house, built in the late 1940s on a 12,000-square-meter estate, includes a spiraling garden that encircles the hill, inviting a stroll through the grounds that reveals other amenities, including a bar, the infinity pool, a rose garden, a pond, a shaded sitting garden, all against the backdrop of a larger-than-life panorama.

Aley, Lebanon

The design of the project was dictated by the steep nature of the terrain, with its impressive trees towering throughout. The height is especially visible in the contrast between the lush green of the obedient lawns and shrubs and the half-century-old magnificent defiance of pines, cypresses, and cedars.

While the villa has no shortage of astounding views, the scene from the infinity pool provides the most striking perspective, as the pool vanishes over the city and into the horizon.

Faqra, Lebanon

A Magical Setting, Faqra, Lebanon
Designed to complement impressive existing rock formations that shape a natural amphitheater, this 4,000-square-meter project in Faqra, Lebanon, maintains a singular visual continuity that stretches from the house, through the infinity-edge pool and out to the mountainous horizon.

Faqra, Lebanon

The primary axis starts at the house and bisects the amphitheater's protected rock formations, guiding the line of vision to a gentle flow of terraces, ultimately leading to the serenity of the horizon. Nestled among the rocks, the infinity pool blends into the scenery as if it were always part of the existing landscape. The pool house is also hidden, allowing for an uncluttered field of vision.

The priority in designing this garden was to make the setting the star player. Plantings along the labyrinthine pathways around the pool include groves of oak, cedar, and fruit bearing trees, creating a truly multi-sensory, multi-seasonal experience.

Doha, Qatar

Harmony in Juxtaposition, Doha, Qatar
A series of themed gardens and natural stone courtyards create a choice of living spaces on the grounds of this Doha, Qatar villa. Despite differences in character and mood, these areas come together as one. They achieve a fluid continuity which, amplified by the presence of water throughout the landscape, culminates in the glistening waters of the adjoining lagoon.

Through their pronounced linearity and symmetry, the gardens also complement the Moroccan style of the villa. As a result, a rare balance is achieved between the interior and exterior architectures. This orderly, geometric composition is mirrored by the shapes given to various elements throughout the outdoors: a planter in the form of a square here, a star-shaped fountain there. At the centre of it all, facing the lagoon, the main water feature unfolds over three levels. Sitting at the top, a large, circular jacuzzi overflows into the swimming pool. From the pool, one can enjoy a unique vantage point of the lagoon, through the framed view offered by a wooden pergola. The impressive rectangle of blue that forms the no-edge pool ends in a cascade, which collects in a long, narrow channel. On the same level is a charming, partially shaded Andalusian water channel with an octagonal fountain at the end. Rows of palms stand majestically on either side, framing the scenery. Ahead of the steps that lead to the beach, a reflecting pool mirrors the blue of the swimming pool at one time of day and the clear waters of the lagoon at another.

Doha, Qatar

Although the deep blue of the pool and green palette of the trees dominate the landscape, a closer look reveals defiant touches of color in strategic spots. Plantings include a delicate wreath of red flowers at the foot of an age-old olive tree, the pink blossoms of a chorisia at the end of a lane of palms, bougainvilleas in full bloom. The property may owe its richness to the way the big picture fits together, but it also owes it to the smaller details. As visitors make their way through the gardens it proves impossible to take everything in at once. There is always something new to catch the eye: the delicate stone frame of a fountain spout, the mysteries of the secret garden or some other delight waiting to be discovered.

Bsalim, Lebanon

This Is Not a Framed Garden, Bsalim, Lebanon
Built on a hill with an awe-inspiring 260-degree view of Beirut and the Mediterranean, this garden is integrated into the natural, hilly landscape. Amenities ranging from a modern patio with infinity pool to a variety of themed gardens are all set within an existing pine forest.

From the onset, this project's most important asset was its location: a hilly area, adorned with old elegant pine trees, overlooking a bustling city rising from a calming sea that blends into a horizon.

Bsalim, Lebanon

The infinity pool acts like a sheet of still water, reflecting the surroundings, creating the effect of an infinite mirror between the city below and the sky above.

From the patio, a gated walkway lures wanderers. Below lies an exciting combination of gardens, including a Japanese garden, a bamboo garden, a rock garden and a modern garden. This was created to be a place of contemplation and comfort, where wanderers are free to stroll through and find their own patch of personal happiness.

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