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Post Baccalaureate Certificate Program in Sustainable Urban Communities

Now Offered at Morgan State University


A 15-credit online certificate is now being offered at Morgan State University in sustainable urban communities.

New this year, Morgan State University, Baltimore, Md., is offering a post-baccalaureate certificate in sustainable urban communities.

Designed for professionals, community leaders and recent graduates, the certificate program addresses urban decline, walkable streets, green infrastructure and more. Three areas of emphasis are offered: Planning & Policy - Sustainable Communities, Sustainable Design & Construction, and Sustainable Urban Environment - Nature in the City.

Planning & Policy - Sustainable Communities focuses on the sustainable urban community, addressing social, public health, infrastructure, economic and planning aspects of communities.

Sustainable Design & Construction focuses on best practices, design approaches, and construction methodologies for sustainable places, spaces and systems in urban communities.

Sustainable Urban Environment - Nature in the City focuses on natural systems in urban communities, and the necessity of their viability.

"The program provides for the continuing education of those who currently (or desire to) influence, create, or provide the policies, services, designs, and structure for healthy, vibrant and sustainable urban communities," said Jack Leonard, program director and assistant professor, in an email to LASN.

The 15-credit certificate is offered online with multiple start dates and durations to accommodate student's needs. Participants may be eligible to earn CEUs. Applications are being accepted at all times. Required courses are offered both in spring and fall, and elective courses, many of which are four weeks in length, are offered year round.

For more information or to apply, visit

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