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Potential Turf Toxins in Conn.

West Haven Conn. city and school officials are discussing whether to have the field at Ken Strong stadium tested. In the mean time school officials says there is no danger and encourage exercise on the field.

After four turf fields in New Jersey tested for high levels of lead, some are now questioning safety at the West Haven High school stadium in Connecticut. Ken Strong stadium has been home to the West Haven Blue Devils for almost 20 years, and has the same type of artificial turf as in New Jersey.

“I read the studies that New Jersey had and I think that everyone is overacting to their studies,” Facilities Manager Chris Everone said. “We feel that it’s safe. And we wouldn’t allow the kids to be out there if we didn’t think it was safe.”

Lead is bound with chromium and nylon to create the field’s color. Two of the fields with the same type of turf in New Jersey were closed last month over concern athletes would inhale the toxic fibers or dust while playing on it.

West Haven’s Health Director Eric Triffin says not to give up your tickets to the Blue Devils next game. “How we would get uptake of this lead in the grass enough to hurt anyone seems unlikely,” Triffin said. “Because it is attached to the chromate and encapsulated in nylon.”

“We just don’t feel there’s enough information out there to make that decision that we need to pull kids from this field,” Jon Capone, the Athletics Director in West Haven, said.

Source: WTNH

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June 17, 2019, 8:36 am PDT

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