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Preparing Trees to Withstand Storms
Hurricane Season Forecast to Be Above Average


Trimming trees is the first line of defense to help prevent them from causing damage to people and property in unstable weather. (PRNewsFoto/New York Tree Removal)

With Colorado State University, a noted authority on hurricane metrics, predicting there will be 25 percent more storms than usual this season, New York Tree Removal, which provides tree service to Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk Counties offers these tips to help better prepare homeowners for upcoming turbulent weather.

First and foremost is giving trees a trim to ensure that there are fewer loose and extruding branches to break off and become dangerous projectiles. Additionally, a more rounded tree is more aerodynamic; so it is able to withstand higher wind speeds without falling. After a trim the tree will also have fewer leaves to catch high-speed winds that would pull the tree over.

Of course some trees may be so old and fragile that preemptive removal is needed. A tall, decaying tree next to a home is a hazard whether or not weather is coming. To make matters worse, many homeowners insurance plans refuse to cover tree damage as companies claim the damage was preventable.

Finally, if a tree fall does occur, companies like New York Tree Removal offer emergency tree services. They will send one of their trained inspectors to survey the damage, give a free quote and respond with the speed needed due to the pressing nature of the damage. The tree service company advises not to discount a tree atop a home that is not presently causing any harm as the tree will slowly put pressure on the roof and eventually cause it to cave in.

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July 21, 2019, 10:51 am PDT

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