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Protect Playground Kids with Rubber Mulch

Pinnacle Rubber Mulch is clean, minimizes airborne dust and particles, and will never splinter like wood mulch.
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Introduced in 2009, Pinnacle Rubber Mulch is an innovative alternative to traditional wood mulch for landscaping and playground surfacing. It is non-allergenic, non-toxic and harmless to plants, pets and children.

According to the Public Playground Safety Handbook published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), surfacing under and around playground equipment is one of the most important factors in reducing the likelihood of life-threatening head injuries.

As a playground safety surface, a 6-inch layer of recycled rubber mulch will cushion a child's fall better from 8 to 12 feet than grass, dirt, engineered wood fiber (wood mulch), rubber tiles and poured in place surfaces. Some playground surfaces offer less head impact protection than a car with a poor 40 mph front offset crash rating according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety test standards.

Even the best playground safety surfacing cannot perform at the optimal level if it is not properly installed and maintained. When installing rubber mulch, the Rule of Six should be applied. This means that the surface beneath playground equipment should be covered at least 6 inches deep with recycled rubber mulch extending at least 6 feet in all directions surrounding the equipment.

Pittam added that proper playground maintenance is also critical. While rubber mulch requires little maintenance, it is important for playgrounds to be inspected on a regular basis. The surface of the playground area must be raked and compacted to ensure consistent and proper installed depths.

High traffic areas such as around swings, slides and stairs are common areas where rubber mulch can be dispersed. For optimal protection, a consistent 6 inch depth must be maintained in these areas.

- Courtesy of Elias/Savion Advertising, Public Relations and Interactive

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