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A bill that would put into law a process for each state to allow the public to decide: what forest areas to protect and how, create a northern forest eco-system cooperative where an entire region could share research information; and implement a process to strengthen the forest-based economies-- these economies are currently based on cutting trees--is waiting to be introduced to the 1U5th Congress. The Northern Forest Stewardship Act would promote the sustainability in the 26-million-acre forest that runs from the Maine Woods through northern New Hampshire and Vermont to New York's Adirondacks. "The bill provides a new partnership between the federal government and the four northern states to enable the protection of our most important places," commented Andrea Colnes, director of the Northern Forest Alliance, in an interview with LASN. "It is a new way for Federal money to flow to the northern states for land protection." The bill has bi-partisan support, including from ten regional Senators. If you would like to help, please contact your Senators and urge them to reintroduce the Northern Forest Stewardship Act and pass it through the Senate as soon as possible. You may call the Capitol Switchboard at 1-800-962-3524 and ask to speak with your Senator. If you would like your Senator's name, fax number, postal or e-mail address, please call : Julie Wormser at The Wilderness Society at (617)350-8866. I

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December 6, 2019, 12:43 pm PDT

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