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Quarterly Survey Indicates Renovation Industry Still Strong
Confidence in Quarterly Gains Increases for Landscapers, Down Slightly for Design Sectors


The Q2 2016 Houzz Renovation Barometer finds that renovating homeowners are projected to purchase more high end products and are more likely to take on multiple projects in 2016.

The recently released Houzz Q2 2016 Renovation Barometer echoed widespread quarter-over-quarter confidence for all renovation industry sectors including architects, designers and landscape professionals. And according to Houzz Inc., the outlook for Q3 continues to be positive.

The quarterly survey tracks confidence in the home renovation market among industry professionals. This time around, all sectors posted readings of 63 or better (the greater a reading is relative to 50, the greater the proportion of firms reporting increases in quarterly business activity than those reporting decreases).

Compared to the first quarter of 2016, the latest score for quarter-over-quarter gains in the landscape/outdoor sector increased from 73 to 78 with number of inquiries, number of new projects/orders, and size of new projects/orders all posting higher readings.

However architects, designers, and design-build companies were five percent to seven percent lower in industry confidence for the same period, and showed decreases or were even in number of inquiries, number of new projects/orders, and size of new projects/orders.

Optimism in year-over-year gains were strong, between 66 and 77, but these readings were slightly off from last quarter in all of the six sectors tracked except for building/renovation, which remained even. In fact, year-over-year scores for architects, designers, and design-build companies have now declined four quarters in a row.

"Barometer readings over the past six quarters have shown consistent confidence in the home renovation industry, despite slight softening in some sectors," said Nino Sitchinava, principal economist at Houzz.

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