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Reader's Choice Awards
Top-10 Viewed (Clicked On) Landscape Architectural Articles on in 2012 (Jan. 2012 to Oct. 31)

Last year LASN wanted to know which articles on our readers most clicked on to view. We learned that people on the web were most frequently clicking on features presented in the magazine, and less so on the monthly columns and news. We were a little surprised that many of the viewed features had been published years before, as far back as 2004. We reprise the Top-10 again this year, and find a similar trend. For details about the LASN readership, see the page 40 graphic.

#1 Generation Speed: Part 1: Graphics,
Dec. 2008 LASN

by Ashley Calabria, LASN Technology Editor

One of the major differences between professionals and students is in taking full advantage of new technologies. Resources are becoming more available as our dependence on computer graphics increases, but with the hectic pace of the profession, using free or new resources is often too time-consuming to locate. Students, however, find ways to get results that are nontraditional, using freebies, joining social/networking groups or by trial and error. This series of articles highlight online resources gathered from students and seen at conferences. There is no doubt that today's students have been appropriately labeled ''Generation Speed.''

Online Article:

#2 Duke University: Growth Rooted in Tradition,
June 2006 LASN

by Cynthia Braden, marketing coordinator, HadenStanziale, with contributions from principal George Stanziale, and senior associate Karen Weston-Chien

The beautifully landscaped campus of Duke University in Durham, N.C. spans 1,400 acres and is reminiscent of Old World universities. Over the past two decades, Duke has actively pursued a rapid expansion plan which has resulted in the initiation of more than 34 major construction projects at a cost of $835 million in the past five years alone. This half-acre retreat, called the Healing Garden, showcases Duke stone seating walls, water features, wooden benches and an assortment of flowering and fragrant plants with historic healing characteristics. Echinacea and lavender were planted for their pleasing scent. Photo: Peter Brentlinger

Online Article:

Google Analytics tell us that from Jan. 1, 2012 to Oct. 31, 2012 had 394,223 unique visitors, 504,308 visits and 1,219,745 pages viewed.

#3 Landscape Design for the Modern, Minimalist Home,
Jan. 2004 LASN

by Stephen Kelly, LASN Editor

The architectural design of the Emerson residence in the Westwood-Century City area of West Los Angeles is M & M, not sugar coated, but modern and minimalist. The landscape architecture is by R. Michael Schneider, principal and founder of Orange Street Studio, Los Angeles. From the street you see framed between two palms geometric cubes (shell stone walls) of beige, white and planes of teal (or is that light green?). The first impression is adobe architecture transmogrified. It has a modern but not a hi-tech look. It's sculptured and all horizontal and vertical planes, but the colors and plantings evoke a warm and welcome Southwest feel.

Online Article:

#4 Forsyth School's Creative Outdoors,
June 2008 LASN

by Stephen Kelly, LASN Editor

Forsyth School is a private elementary school located in the urban mix of St. Louis, Missouri. SWT Design led the design team in comprehensive master planning, including site inventory and analysis, conceptual master planning, design development, cost estimating, graphic support for fundraising, value engineering, construction documentation, construction observation, field design and modifications.

Online Article:

#5 Isamu Noguchi's Playground Designs,
Sept. 2004 LASN

by Leslie McGuire, LASN Editor

Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988) was a visionary sculptor and landscape garden designer whose innovative playgrounds and playground equipment designs are a fusion of earth sculpture and interactive play. Noguchi viewed the Earth as the original sculpture medium. He felt the ground embodied the spirit of creativity that inspired early humans, and suggested a way for them to get control of their spiritual existence. In other words, to arrange your inner landscape you must sculpt your outer landscape.

Online Article:

Top 10 Viewed (clicked on) Banner Ads on

1. Haddenstone
2. VisionScape
3. Trellis Structures
4. Bubbling Boulder Company
5. Kafka Granite
6. Valmont Structures
7. Zeager
8. Evening Star
9. Sof Surfaces
10. Liquid Fence

#6 Retaining Walls: Brands, Styles and Options Add Up,
Oct. 2006 LASN

by Erik Skindrud, LASN Regional Editor

The development of interlocking concrete retaining wall units has led to an expanded number of options for landscape architects and engineers. That's the good news. On the other hand, more education is required to stay abreast of the options and reinforcement systems available. Most retaining wall products use anchoring systems that differ considerably. Learning more about what's out there is a necessary first step to choosing wisely when it comes to wall units for a specific project, budget and site.

Online Article:

#7 Green Parking II: Putting Parking Lots to Work,
March 2011 LASN

by Buck Abbey, ASLA, Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture, Louisiana State University

The idea of putting parking lots to work is a concept based upon several sustainable landscaping principles found in the LEED program and the Sustainable Sites Initiative, but also in such regional initiatives as as the Florida Friendly Landscape Program, Louisiana Yards and Neighborhood Program, or the California Bay Friendly Program. They all use site design strategies for onsite stormwater management practices, shade generation, air cleaning, filtering and cooling, as well as vehicle screening within the parking environment.

Online Article:

Top 10 Viewed (clicked on) Vendor Profiles on

1. Superior Controls Co., Inc.

2. Belgard Hardscapes

3. Illusions Vinyl Fence

4. Pave Tech, Inc.

5. Pavestone Company

6. Trellis Structures

7. Soil Retention Products, Inc.

8. Pine Hall Brick Company

9. Collier Metal Specialties

10. Southland Sod Farms

#8 Backyard Patio Living,
Feb. 2012 LASN

Landscape Architecture by Grant & Power Landscaping, Inc., LASN Editor Stephen Kelly

Soon after the Elsons bought their newly constructed brick-fa?ade custom home in Lisle, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago, the property quickly revealed major drainage issues that needed professional attention before any sort of landscaping plan could move forward. Although the Elsons had a beautiful home, the lot was a disaster. Imagine a property with a grade sloping toward the home and directing runoff from surrounding lots to the basement! Photo: Linda Oyama Bryan

Online Article:

#9 A Residential Japanese Garden, Worthington, Ohio,
Jan. 2008 LASN

by Deborah and John Edsall, ASLA, APA, OPRA

Edsall & Associates designed a residential Japanese garden that was two years in the making and featuring over 130 varieties of plants, including over two dozen varieties of hostas. At selected locations limestone slabs extend along the north and south sides of the intermittent stream into the garden for better viewing. The moon bridge affords a crossing designed for its artistic addition to the garden, but also does not impede the intermittent water flows. Photo courtesy of Edsall & Associates

Online Article:

#10 Natural Environment Elevates the Learning Experience,
June 2011 LASN

by DLR Group, Jim French, AIA, REFP, Designer and Senior Principal David Contag, ASLA, Landscape Architect and Senior Associate and Premnath Sundharam, AIA, LEED AP, Architect and Senior Associate

School facilities are evolving from traditional indoor learning spaces to multiple-dimensional spaces that use the entire campus as a learning environment. The courtyards at Metea Valley High School in Aurora, Ill. feature autumn gold ginkgo shade trees and creeping lilyturf to provide cooling relief from concrete areas and filter storm water from the roof into the soil matrix.

Online Article:

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