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Reelcraft's Rugged, Self-Contained Hose Reel Trailer

Reelcraft's updated Series 37000 hose reels are designed to fit on Reelcraft's trailer and are shipped completely assembled, ready to install.
Photo Credits: Reelcraft

Reelcraft's professional turf care trailer is designed for grounds maintenance applications requiring up to 1" I.D. x 100' of hose and readily adapt to indoor or outdoor applications.

The new reel design helps to eliminate bearing misalignment and provides better performance in demanding applications. The trailer wheel base matches typical work vehicles and the wheels are mounted inside the bed to prevent snagging of trees and shrubs.

A 32" trailer tongue allows for sharp turns and is easier to back up. The complete trailer packages can be used for golf courses, athletic fields parks and recreation. For additional information visit Reelcraft at

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