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Renewable Energy - U.S. Is Best in West
Ranked Second in World

Renewable Energy - U.S. Is Best in West

In 2018, the United States newly installed 7,618 MW of wind power capacity, or 14.7% of all new installations around the world that year.

A report from WorldAtlas found that the United States is the leading country among Western nations in the production of renewable energy. And although that category includes hydropower and nuclear power, it is solar and wind power that is getting the most headlines from a sustainability standpoint. According to Wikipedia, the U.S. leads in having the most wind power installed capacity among our Western compatriots, at 96,665 MW (China outranks us in both categories though).

The U.S.'s renewable energy production is 572,409 GWh (Giawatt hours), and it has been increasing consistently. WorldAtlas gives a lot of the credit to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act passed in 2009.

The rest of the Western nations ranked in the top ten are Brazil (426,638 GWh), Canada (418,679 GWh), Germany (193,735 GWh), Norway (140,240 GWh), Italy (109,962 GWh), Sweeden (103,067 GWh), Spain (95,660 GWh), France (90,940 GWh) and United Kingdom (87,083 GWh).

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