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Report out on Waterfront Redevelopment, River Restoration

Washington, D.C.-Cities and developers investing millions to revitalize downtown riverfronts should help ensure success by incorporating ecological principles into their projects, according to the authors of the new report, "Ecological Riverfront Design."

Published by the American Planning Association (APA) as one of its signature Planning Advisory Service reports, "Ecological Riverfront Design" presents a comprehensive set of recommendations for integrating pollution prevention and habitat improvements into riverfront redevelopment efforts.

"It's makes good business sense for communities and developers to restore the river while rehabilitating properties along the bank," said Betsy Otto with American Rivers, lead author of the report. "People spend time and money in attractive environments that emphasize natural beauty and wildlife. They avoid places where they smell sewage and see only concrete and pavement."

"Ecological Riverfront Design" is written for planners, mayors, developers, investors, government officials, river advocates, and others who are planning or evaluating redevelopment efforts. The report draws lessons from more than 30 riverfront revitalization and restoration efforts across the country.

Copies of Ecological Riverfront Design may be ordered by calling the APA's Planners Book Service (312 786-6344); by subscribing to APA's Planning Advisory Service; or through the APA web site at

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June 16, 2019, 10:29 pm PDT

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