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Report Predicts National Water Crisis

A new report on the water industry says aging water infrastructure and increasing demands on water resources will eventually lead to crisis and a rapid increase in the price of water. The Environmental Benchmarker & Strategist, the quarterly publication of a consulting firm that focuses on environmental services and the water industry, says the price of water continues to rise, but not at the rate necessary to maintain the water treatment infrastructure.

Even as public awareness about scarcity and water quality problems grows, there is no political support for increasing the price of water, the Strategist says. The report predicts it will take a series of local crises before support grows for the capital expenditures required to improve aging infrastructure, particularly in large metropolitan centers where the needs are highest yet the tax base is shrinking.

"These required billions and billions of investment dollars represent a huge and unresolved coming crisis for this country." The report identifies increased efficiency in water use as a new source of water and the greatest opportunity to extend the overall availability of water.

Courtesy of Irrigation Association

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December 14, 2019, 7:44 am PDT

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