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Rethinking Post-Hurricane Design

This sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) sits on the Mississippi State University campus at Starkville. MSU plans to host landscape architects displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Bob Brzuzek, former curator of Crosby Arboretum near Picayune, Miss. is now teaching landscape architecture at Mississippi State University. He's working with fellow professors who are already identifying plants that weathered Katrina, and thinking about practical new directions for landscaping. He shared one bit of advice with horticultural writer Felder Rushing: "Don't replant what keeps getting blown down with the same stuff."

Meanwhile, in a proactive bid to help battered communities rebuild, Cameron Man, head of the Department of Landscape Architecture at MSU, has announced that his staff is freeing up office space for practicing landscape architects displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

The facility will provide working space, Internet access, design tools and equipment and even low-cost housing.

For more information, contact Man at (662) 325-3012 or e-mail

Man told Rushing that his staff is already at work coordinating efforts with peers from other states toward identifying needs and helping rebuild ravaged public spaces (including playgrounds).

Source: The (Mississippi) Clarion-Ledger

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December 6, 2019, 12:50 pm PDT

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