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Rice University Opens New Outdoor Fitness Park
Inaugurated During Wellness Week

Rice University Opens New Outdoor Fitness Park

Rice University's "Week of Wellness" is part of the college's "Healthy Rice. Healthy Life" initiative that pairs human resource managers with the staff advisory committee to schedule a week of healthy activities made available to students and faculty.

Located just north of the Barbara and David Gibbs Recreation and Wellness Center on Rice University's campus in Houston, Texas, is a new outdoor fitness park that was recently unveiled during the school's Week of Wellness.

Referred to as an "Outdoor Training Park" (OTP) by the news release found on Rice's website, the park contains the usual workout equipment one would find in such a space. Pull-up bars, parallel bars for tricep dips, incline benches, push-up bars and more, are all located within the OTP. There are also instructions on how to properly use the equipment, found at each station.

Due to the sweltering heat common to the area, the OTP was strategically placed in a large grove of trees to allow for tolerable use during hot summer months.

"We were very thoughtful about the location," said Tina Villard, senior associate athletic director and director of recreation at Gibbs Rec Center. "We wanted to make sure there was enough shade that people could continue to use it through our tough, hot months."

Additionally, in line with the topic of location, the new OTP was placed along a crushed granite running trail that loops around the campus, allowing walkers and runners the opportunity to receive some free strength training during their workout.

A water fountain is slated to be constructed later this year, according to the Rice news page pertaining to the matter.

To read an in-depth article on outdoor fitness parks published by Landscape Architect and Specifier News magazine, click this link:

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