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RTKL and Local Partners Plan to Guide Development for Next 30 Years
Las Vegas City Council Approves Downtown Las Vegas Master Plan


The Las Vegas master plan includes establishing a definitive downtown boundary; adding 4,000 to 5,000 housing units; a downtown circulator or light rail system; development of 'Centers of Excellence' dedicated to technology and entrepreneurial endeavors (the newly named Innovation District); and boosting the medical and arts districts. CLV DTMP conceptual illustrative plan by Callison RTKL

Las Vegas City Council Approves Downtown Las Vegas Master Plan -- Money, Commitment, Vacant Land, Vacant Housing, and Reputation for Homelessness and Crime Among Obstacles

It has been 16 years since Las Vegas developed its Downtown Centennial plan. In the last two years, the city has taken a fresh look at the downtown and interviewed numerous stakeholders to create a "comprehensive and visionary" new downtown master plan. On June 15, 2016, the Las Vegas City Council unanimously adopted the plan.

The plan was developed under the city's direction and led by RTKL (a wholly owned subsidiary of Arcadis NV), a leading architecture and urban design firm, which assembled a multidisciplinary team of national and local consultants representing a variety of sectors, including transportation, economic development, sustainability and outreach. The plan is intended to guide and inform downtown development through 2045.

"The area's historic hotels, its surrounding architecturally distinctive neighborhoods and landmark venues, such as the Mob and Neon Museums, stand as reminders of our city's legacy," observed Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman.

The plan is guided by a vision that borrows from the city's storied and colorful history, while keeping an eye on the future. Over the last decade, downtown Vegas has undergone dramatic revitalization, thanks largely to significant private investment from companies like and public/private partnerships that have created new facilities such as The Smith Center for the Performing Arts.

By the Numbers

• Eleven percent of the downtown study area (250 acres) is vacant land.

• Downtown Las Vegas has a housing vacancy rate of 26 percent, compared to 8% overall for Clark County.

• Only one percent of land in the downtown is given to parks and open space, nearly the lowest percentage of any U.S. major metro area.

• Plan calls for $2.9 billion to be invested in freeways surrounding the downtown, including freeway interchanges, maps and pedestrian bridges.

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