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Win or lose, soccer teams at the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit, Michigan will make history during the 1994 World Cup when they compete on recycled rubber products. In preparation for the world-class tournament action, sports turf managers placed a new product called Rebound in soccer goal areas to significantly improve playing surface resilience.

JaiTires Industries' CEO Corny Snyder said Rebound amendment creates "a safer, softer, and more resilient surface" when incorporated into soils. She added, "Our customers really like it because it gives them a good-looking turf or grass that requires less maintenance than traditional turf."

Company literature describes Rebound as a mixture of rubber and compost which significantly reduces soil compaction when used as a soil amendment, while users tout its field record. Alan Curran, Parks and Special Facilities Supervisor with the City of Orlando, Florida, says Rebound surfaces have fewer weeds, require less aeration, and significantly reduce maintenance and fertilizer costs.

Utilizing technology developed and licensed by International Soils Systems, JaiTire Industries recycles waste tires to make a long-lasting soil conditioner that decreases hardness, enhances drainage, and promotes root development. Fiber and steel separation are an integral part of the process by which the environmentally-oriented company granulates whole tires into "crumb rubber." When combined with composted organic materials, shredded rubber can be applied in the landscape as playground covers, sod stabilizers, and soil conditioners.

Because the product involves recycling and reuse, the company is eligible for special grants and funding. For instance, the Mayor of Denver's Office of Economic Development extended a business loan to help finance recycling efforts. See photo captions for specific project funding.

Scrap tire industry experts believe Rebound can recycle 30-80% of all used passenger tires nationally.

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