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San Francisco Sewage and Stormwater Plan Incorporates Green Infrastructure

Multiple projects to improve and secure the long-term future of San Francisco's century-old combined sewer system are nearing the construction phase after a lengthy design and public review process. The new developments will include multiple installations of permeable pavers, rain gardens and additional green infrastructure.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is sponsoring the construction of eight green infrastructure projects throughout the city to help the sewer system treat and manage stormwater.

The projects are part of the city's Sewer System Improvement Plan (SSIP), which is moving forward after nearly a decade of public input and systems analysis. The improvements are a central component of the SSIP's "Grey, Green, Clean" program, which will ensure the long-term future of the city's sewer with upgrades to aging, grey infrastructure like pump stations and treatment facilities; green projects that reduce stormwater runoff and ease the flow into the sewer system; and monitoring the water that reaches the bay to ensure a clean waterfront.

One of the installations expected to alleviate runoff is the Chinatown Green Alley project, a partnership between the SFPUC and SF Department of Public Works that may include permeable paving, rain gardens, and streetscape features to naturally capture runoff. Additional installations planned throughout the city include more rain gardens and permeable pavers, flow-through planters, street trees and the daylighting of Yosemite Creek along the periphery of McLaren Park.

More information about the SSIP is available here.

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October 20, 2019, 8:35 pm PDT

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