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Saxinger & Associates, Inc.

MLSaxinger & Associates, Inc. is a small land development/landscape architecture firm located in Lancaster, PA. Michael L. Saxinger, RLA is the only owner and only employee. He works with several subcontractors to prepare plans and supporting documents needed for land development and subdivision plan approvals. He also specializes in land development plans, storm-water management plans, erosion and sediment control plans and NPDES permitting. MLSaxinger & Associates, Inc. seeks to prepare design and engineering solutions that beautifies the landscape of Pennsylvania; to work with integrity and honesty to establish lifelong client relationship; and above all, to provide accurate subdivision/land development plans that get approved.

Saxinger & Associates, Inc.

Lafayette Fire Station, Lancaster, Pa.
Michael L. Saxinger, P.L.A. prepared the Lafayette Fire Station Land Development Subdivision Plans for this new fire station, designed by Engel Architects. This plan was designed to provide a safe and convenient access drive for the fire trucks when they return from calls. The fire trucks no longer have to back across the highway when they return from lifesaving fire calls. This fact alone makes this project a big winner for all those that it truly impacts. This is a state-of-the-art facility inside & out.

Saxinger & Associates, Inc.

Visage Day Spa & Salon, Lancaster, Pa.
Michael L. Saxinger, R.L.A. prepared the storm-water management plans for a new parking lot in the city of Lancaster. This plan includes a pervious concrete parking lot that helps reduce the storm-water that flows into the City of Lancaster combination sewer system, removing approximately 4,000 cubic feet of storm-water from the strained city sewer system. Both the owner and the city will benefit from this design provided by MLSaxinger & Associates, Inc.

Saxinger & Associates, Inc.

Kourgelis Residence, Manheim Township, Pa
Michael L. Saxinger, R.L.A. designed this unique landscape for Mr. & Mrs. Kourgelis. The design embraces the Greek culture by providing a water feature designed after the Greek aqueducts and plantings that resemble those found in Greece. Michael worked with the landscape contractors of Penwood Landscape Company to design a plan that is culturally appealing, with enchanting spaces to entertain their guests. The water feature creates a relaxing sound affect while on the back patio. Outdoor lighting enhances the landscape at night.

As seen in LASN magazine, October 2018.

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