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One of the hardest questions for any business owner/manager to answer is "Am I purchasing the right equipment, at the best value, to give me the maximum return and help grow my operation." With so many options available today and the diverse range of work and size of the jobs, it is difficult to arrive at this answer because each business is unique to some degree. But in today's economy, equipment versatility is the key to maximum returns. If a Landscape Contractor looks at his work environment and decides that a lot of his work involves hauling materials that are palletized and need to be easily loaded and unloaded, he could elect to purchase a platform body or flatbed. These types of bodies are less expensive than other types and can be configured with the ability to be articulated and have dumping capabilities. This is an improvement over a non-dumping unit. Some companies elect to add stakes to these, if the body has pockets built in, and this further enhances the versatility of the equipment by allowing different materials to be transported and additional jobs to be obtained. More work improves the opportunity for more profits! The equipment discussed so far has the ability to transport sod, fertilizer, tools and a host of other items. But what if this landscaper needs to haul loose sand, mulch or topsoil? The flatbed configuration doesn't lend itself to keeping these types of loads secure during the trip to the job site. A unit as displayed in Figure 5 may be the answer. This contractor style body has the same benefits as the flat bed plus the ability to handle the types of loads that call for solid sides to prevent costly spills and accidents. A 14' unit allows for 4 cubic yards of material to be carried, the tailgate drops for easy dumping and the drop sides still allow for manual or mechanized loading or unloading of palletized materials. Durability of this unit is assured through the use of only ASTM A570 A45 High Tensile Steel, full depth rear corner posts and skirts and by continuous welding throughout. If the types of jobs don't fit the bodies in Figures 2 and 7 a popular option. These bodies are built for top on-the-job performance in day-to-day operations. These are intended for use in hauling most materials used by landscapers, nurserymen, asphalt parking lot and driveway pavers and municipal and park service maintenance crews. It fits the 1 and 2 ton trucks commonly used by many in the industry. Depending on the job, larger trucks and larger carrying capacity bodies may be the answer. These rugged units allow for 5 to 6 cubic yards of materials and will last many years in continuous use. The trade off here are larger hauling capacity but without the ability to be loaded/unloaded from the side for palletized materials. An under the tailgate spreader can be added to allow a more controlled unloading of materials thereby saving time and energy of spreading these materials by hand or bringing in other equipment. To add even more versatility to your equipment and be able to use your trucks for jobs beyond your normal season, a spreader unit gives the contractor or landscaper the ability to perform a variety of jobs. These range from spreading salt and sand for ice control to spreading fertilizer or sand on golf courses or in parks. This unit is produced in your choice of high tensile steel, 304 stainless steel and aluminum. The stainless and aluminum units offer excellent corrosive resistance and the high tensile steel can be custom painted to match your company colors. The unit in Figure 1 is a completely self-contained unit designed to easily mount on pick-ups, light duty dumps and flat beds. A 12.5 horsepower air-cooled engine with full cab controls powers it. Have a need for even larger spreading jobs? A hopper spreader is designed to meet all your heavy-duty spreader requirements. It can be chassis or dump body mounted with a selection of hydraulic pump power sources. Its unique uni-hopper construction eliminates many corrosion pockets for longer spreader life. Heavy-duty hydraulic components are mated to a heavy gauge ASTM-A570-A45 high tensile steel hopper body for longer life. Beyond the examples listed above, the choice of equipment for even more intensive hauling needs is just as diverse. From the large 18 cubic yard dump bodies for use on tandem axle and/or tri-axle trucks to dump trailers, your needs can be accommodated. These can be produced in high tensile steel or aluminum. Trailers choices range from steel frame/ steel bodies, to steel frame/ aluminum bodies to aluminum frame/ aluminum bodies. Weight and hauling requirements dictate the choices here. Dump trailers are available a number of different lengths (Figure 8) and come in a variety of side heights to accommodate your needs. Some states require tarping on all these units. Tarps can be installed locally or purchased already mounted from the factory. Costs vary depending on whether they are manually or electrically operated and the actual material of the tarp itself. It is always prudent to check your local and federal laws governing any equipment. Have a tandem axle dump truck and need to increase your total legal payload? A pup trailer may be your answer. The dump body in Figure 4 is 12' inside length to balance over the running gear. Standard capacity is 10 cubic yards utilizing the 6" sideboards and is an excellent way to increase the payload per trip. Pup Trailers can be ordered with high tensile steel or aluminum bodies. There are various options available to the customer in tires and wheels, hitch groups, electrical groups and brake kits for your specific truck. Check with your dealer or manufacturer for details on available options. Please visit the Warren, Inc. website at for additional information on all the quality products offered by Warren, Inc. You will find information on specifications and options for all the equipment discussed above as well as even more equipment offered to assist you in making your business grow. See the dealer listing for a Warren distributor near you. With over 100 associates in North America, we are available in your area with local sales and support.

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