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Senate Promises to Take On Reauthorization of FAST Act

Current Law Expires Next Year

Senate Promises to Take On Reauthorization of FAST Act

As new highway legislation is being undertaken in the U.S. Senate, the Democrats are advocating for assurances that new infrastructure is built with the capacities to withstand damage from extreme weather.

Transport Topics reports that the initial version of a proposed major highway policy bill will see the light of the day in the Senate before Congress takes their summer vacation in August.

According to the provider of trucking and freight transportation news, "the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee intends to consider a five-year highway bill," to essentially reauthorize the current highway law, the FAST Act, which expires in October 2020.

At a hearing on the impending bill, committee Chairman John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) stated, "It is our shared goal to advance a bill out of committee this summer. Our roads and bridges are in need of a serious investment."

He added that just passing a series of short-term extensions instead of long-term legislation will hamstring states' abilities to successfully proceed on critical projects. Barrasso also indicated his support for cutting the red tape caused by the environmental permitting process.

Creating guidelines for autonomous vehicle technology and improving access to transit systems are also top priorities for legislators according to Transport Topics.

Questions about the bill's details and funding were left unanswered at this time and the House has not put their version of a highway bill on its schedule yet.

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November 22, 2019, 7:38 am PDT

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