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Sentry Electric's LED Luminaires and Bollards Light up Sacred Heart Academy

Sentry Electric provided safety in areas with high pedestrian traffic at Sacred Heart Academy, matching non‑illuminated bollards augmented the use of LED bollards.
Courtesy of Sentry Electric

Sentry Electric has provided Sacred Heart Academy of Hempstead, N.Y. with LED luminaires and bollards for its entire campus. In total, 35 single and multi-head poles and 50 bollards helped light the campus. Students, families and faculty are now equipped with a lighting package that improves safety, saves energy, reduces maintenance, and helps beautify the school's grounds.

Working in conjunction with school personnel and Cameron Engineering of Woodbury, N.Y., Sentry a comprehensive lighting plan was devised for several types of areas including the driveway, parking area, student drop-off area and various pathways.

To provide suitable light levels and uniformity, single-head, double-head, and triple head poles were used primarily for the large, open spaces. For pathways, crosswalks and other small spaces, LED bollards were added to the lighting plan.

Sentry also developed a unique bollard base so that several non‑illuminated bollards could easily be removed by maintenance personnel during times of special events or to allow emergency vehicles access to certain parts of the grounds.

The specified LED luminaires are Battery Park series. Each is configured with a Zhaga-compliant Philips Fortimo light engine that consumes a scant 58 watts of power, but emits 6000 lumens. SPR reflector system with Backlight Reduction asymmetrically distributes comfortable, pleasing, indirect light.

The Backlight Reduction feature reduces house side illumination by about 35 percent while directing additional light towards the street side of the luminaire. Backlight Reduction helps minimize any possible light trespass.

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August 24, 2019, 5:34 am PDT

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