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Special Offer: LEED Performance Scores Free

Maintain LEED Certification

Special Offer: LEED Performance Scores Free

The score helps to ensure performance at the highest levels and quantifies your impact.

LEED-certified projects will be able to obtain their LEED performance score for free without incurring an additional fee, for a limited time.

Experts say LEED performance scores are important to maintain because they help you:
• Track and realize your return on investment for LEED certification.
• Understand your carbon footprint.
• Demonstrate your leadership through all phases of you project: design, constructions, operations and performance.
• Enhance your building's sustainability operations through continuous improvement.
• Help certify and recertify your project or achieve LEED Zero.
• Comply with LEED requirements to report energy and water usage.

To access your score, visit:

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November 22, 2019, 7:09 am PDT

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