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SplashGolf Creates an Industry Splash

SplashGolf Renderings.jpg Adventure Golf Services launched its newest product, SplashGolf™ - miniature golf water mini golf on a splash pad. This takes the game itself and the players into an interactive water environment.
Photo: Adventure Golf Services

SplashGolf™ is attracting water park designers, builders, equipment manufacturers and owners as Adventure Golf Services continues its product upgrade and reveals plans for a smaller model.

Dubbed as a water mini golf on a splash pad, SplashGolf™ takes the players and game itself into an interactive water environment. This innovention has made its industry debut with a huge splash, according to chief designer and CEO Arne Lundmark.

"Companies and potential users from around the world are anticipating the benefits that SplashGolf™ brings to water parks," said Scott Lundmark president. "It combines two age-old fun attractions (splash pads and mini golf) into one completely new, interactive water based game attracting all age groups for more family fun."

Water parks like it because it's a new water activity but will also help divert long lines on other attractions, said Scott. The company just recently released the sales package to owners of water parks and other attractions who have expressed interest.

"This new water activity is ideally suited for water parks, amusement parks, tourist attractions, resorts and hotels, campgrounds and city / municipal parks and recreation centers," said Scott. "Adventure Golf is currently working with dealer relationships in Australia, Europe, the United States and China. One potential representative has already specified SplashGolf™ in a proposed water park development."

Adventure Golf Services is a global leader in the design, fabrication and installation of miniature golf courses, golf learning/practice courts, golf hitting/swing bays, game courts (bocce ball, croquet, shuffleboard) and putting greens. For more information visit:

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August 18, 2019, 12:54 am PDT

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