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Stamped Asphalt

Evolution of Paving Technology

by Michelle d''Hulst

 StreetPrint Pavement Texturing, developed by Integrated Paving Concepts, Inc., is a process that entails imprinting and coating asphalt with "grid style" depressions to replicate the appearance of hand-laid brick or cobblestone. Imprinting is achieved by placing templates on the surface of the hot asphalt after final compaction or after reheating an existing surface that is in good condition.

andscape Architects are no strangers to the benefits of asphalt. First and foremost, asphalt is relatively inexpensive when compared to other paving techniques and it can be installed rapidly. Once in place, it can last for numerous years in extreme weather and heavy traffic conditions. But, did you know that asphalt can now add decorative paving to its long list of accolades? Integrated Paving Concepts, Inc. of Vancouver, British Columbia, has developed a process that turns asphalt into nearly any three-dimensional architectural finish, from elegant slate to intricate hand-laid pavers.

StreetPrint Pavement Texturing is a process that entails imprinting and coating freshly laid asphalt with "grid style" depressions to replicate, in relief, the concrete grout depressions common to hand-laid brick or cobblestone. This imprinting is achieved by the placement of templates on the surface of the hot asphalt immediately after final compaction rolling. The templates are constructed of specially woven wire cable welded in various patterns common to the styles and methods for cobblestone brick installation. With the templates in place, compaction equipment (vibratory plate) is passed over the plates, imprinting the surface. The templates are then removed and the process is repeated over the entire asphalt surface. Some of the popular template patterns are offset brick, herringbone, cobblestone, random stone, decorative arch, and Eurofan. Landscape Architects can customize wire templates with a company logo or special paving pattern.

This imprinting process can also be done on previously laid asphalt that is in good condition. The asphalt needs to be reheated and then the imprinting can take place. Now the installation crews can lay down the asphalt one evening and a few days or months later they can return to the site for imprinting.

No longer is black the only color option for asphalt paving. StreetBond Surfacing System is an integrally colored cement-modified acrylic polymer-surfacing product with a built-in sealing element available in ten standard colors: Brick, Terracotta, Granite, Slate, Bedrock, Sierra, Hunter Green, Burnt Sienna, White and Blue. Custom colors are also available. Applicators foresee a three to five-year re-coating cycles as the norm for lightly traveled uses and a longer re-coating cycle for walking paths and no-traffic areas.

This product is bridging the gap between conventional paving systems and intricate decorative systems. The StreetPrint system emulates the beauty of decorative systems at costs and with installation characteristics similar to the conventional systems.

 When the City of Kelowna, B.C. wanted to divide the bicycle path and pedestrian path with a landscape feature, they turned to StreetPrint. Brick and granite colored asphalt was stamped with an arch and soldier course template to create this decorative sidewalk. Also, the stamped asphalt deters inline skaters and skateboarders.

The specific advantages of this product are:

Quick Installation: It can be installed very quickly (as much as 10 times faster than concrete bricks) resulting in much less traffic disruption.

Flexible Pavement: When compared with Portland Cement, this product is a flexible pavement which makes it resistant to cracking.

Continuous Surface: StreetPrint is a continuous, water resistant surface which inhibits the penetration of water to the base, reducing the possibility of base failures due to erosion or freeze / thaw as can happen with both cement bricks and Portland Cement. There are also no joints where weeds can grow.

Easy Maintenance: The low maintenance costs and ease of repairability, and the fact that it can be rejuvenated are sure to make City officials sit up and take notice.

Skid Resistance: In both wet and dry situations, the stamped asphalt's skid resistance is equivalent to asphalt pavement.

Salt Resistance: It does not react to salt used for deicing or from salt air in coastal climates.

In the Fall of 1999, StreetPrint was used to create bus bulb-out, walkways and intersections in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood. The 48th Ward Alderman, Mary Ann Smith, along with her staff, the Chicago DOT, and community residents worked together to transform the District streetscape into a more attractive and safer route for pedestrians, bus riders and motorists. The bus bulb-outs provide a protected spot for loading and unloading passengers while the textured crosswalks remind drivers to slow down and watch for pedestrians. The seven imprinted intersections located between Foster and Lawrence Avenues, provide an attractive and easy-to-maintain surface that is able to accommodate both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. LASN

 StreetPrint surrounds the infamous Minuteman Monument in Lexington, MA. Historically, this is the area where Paul Revere was stopped on his midnight ride to Concord from Boston in April 1775 to warn that "The British are Coming!" The product was installed on a raised area representing an extension of the Lexington Battle Green. The diagonal herringbone pattern complements the historic atmosphere of the area, and is able to withstand the heavy pedestrian traffic from thousands of visitors per year.

StreetPrint is a patented process that is installed by over 600 asphalt paving contractors throughout the world operating under license from Integrated Paving Concepts, Inc. To locate an Authorized Applicator in your area, please call 888-581-2299 or log on at

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