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States With Proposed Minimum Wage Increases
Find Out If Your State Wants To Raise The Minimum Wage


If your state is listed below, you still have time to vote or contact your legislator to voice your concerns regarding the proposed minimum wage increases.

While the New Year saw 18 states raise their minimum wage (or introduce a phase-in period,) there are still 15 other states with proposed minimum wage increases that have not yet passed.

Below are two alphabetical lists of states that are proposing minimum wage increases, subdivided by how the proposition is being voted on - either by ballot or legislative - and with old minimum compared to the new proposed minimum.

In these states, the respective legislative branch will make the decision:


These are the states that will have the proposed increase appear on their ballot:


Massachusetts will have the proposed increase appear on the ballot, while also being voted on by legislators. The proposed minimum for Massachusetts is $15.00, up from the current $11.00.

Washington, D.C. and New York state are propositioning to gradually remove the subminimum wage for tipped workers. Currently, these jurisdictions are allowed to pay tipped employees much less than the minimum wage if that said employee earns more than $30 in tips during a single month.

The tipped minimum wage in Washington, D.C., is $3.33 and is $7.50 in New York. The measure to raise the subminimum wage will be on the ballot for Washington, D.C. residents and be voted on by the respected administration in New York state.

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