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Steady GrowBenefits for Healthy Turf

Holganix is Building upon the success of its turf product line with the launch of Steady GrowBenefits. It yields reduced fertilization rates, reduced surge growth, reduced clipping yields, dump fees and labor costs while promoting dramatic root growth and sustainability.

Holganix, a manufacturer of sustainable bionutritional turf, plant and tree products, has enhanced its turf care product with Steady Grow. The company combined a highly evolved, concentrated compost tea with active bionutrients to naturally promote beautiful, healthy turf growth.

The product line is known for its unique ability to dramatically promote the growth of roots while building a sustainable lawn care program for its customers. Steady Grow advances include an improved carbon-to-nitrogen ratio in the soil which allows for a more natural and steady growth pattern for the turf, as opposed to a significant surge of growth normally associated with traditional nitrogen fertilizers.

As a result, one key benefit includes reduced grass clippings, as reported in a research study conducted by the University of Illinois. The reduction in surge growth results in a decrease in clipping yields which in turn helps decrease dumping fees, labor hours and wear and tear on equipment for lawn care providers while promoting a sustainable turf solution. Additional studies conducted have shown that the product also allows nitrogen fertilizers to work more effectively at drastically reduced rates.

"Surge growth causes a lot of additional expenses for our company," said Ed Fleming, owner of Lawns Unlimited in Lewes, Delaware. "By reducing the surge of plant growth and decreasing our grass clippings by 50 percent, we've saved a lot of money in labor costs, dump fees, gas, and wear and tear on our equipment and we're getting recognized as a greener and more sustainable company."

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October 17, 2019, 9:11 am PDT

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