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STMA Volunteers for the LLWS

The STMA, a non-profit professional association for the men and women who manage sports fields, donated their time and services for the recent Little League World Series, held in Williamsport, Pa.
Photo: Sports Turf Managers Association

In 1995, Little League Baseball (LLB) was looking for assistance in rebuilding and renovating fields, and approached Don Fowler from the Pennsylvania chapter of the Sports Turf Managers Association to see what they could negotiate.

Over time the relationship grew into a partnership, and nearly two decades later, the STMA coordinates volunteers and field preparations for the Little League World Series (LLWS).

The LLB complex is located in Williamsport, Pa., and features six fields, one full-size baseball field, two premier stadiums, two practice fields and one practice infield. Although the entire complex is 88 acres, two acres of turfgrass are maintained by two summer interns and more than 40 STMA volunteers, who use Toro equipment.

To maintain this area, the turf is mowed daily, as well as dragging and brooming the infield skin to smooth it out before the game. The STMA grounds crew does this again after the third inning and following the game.

Fields are also lined for every game and low spots are repaired in the batters boxes and pitcher's mound. As these are built out of mound clay, to repair these, new clay has to be packed into areas that have been worn down. The moisture content of the soil is managed to keep the grass healthy and to keep the infield skin from getting too hard and dry.

Additionally, the fields are sprayed with fertilizers to maintain a dark green color and to protect the field from disease and insects. Tarps are also utilized to protect the field in case of rain.

The crew works anywhere from 16 to 20 hours a day during the event, as they want to produce a safe and playable field for the participants, as well as a visually appealing surface for ESPN viewers around the world.

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