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Stoneridge Design, Inc.
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Regis Zapatka founded Stoneridge Design, Inc. in 2001 as an Architecture / Landscape Architecture / Design / Build business. The number of employees fluctuates with each season, year and number of projects. Based in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pa., Stoneridge serves clients throughout all of Pennsylvania and Maryland. The firm uses "real," timeless materials such as locally sourced stone and wood in a meaningful way to complement the design and context of each project, providing for the expression of the skill of forming a raw material into a component of an intricate design.

Stoneridge Design, Inc.

Outdoor Kitchen Project, Allegheny County, Pa.

Stoneridge Design interpreted the request for an outdoor kitchen kitchen as a dynamic sculpture in the landscape. This kitchen, which includes a surface mounted gas grill, a refrigerator and a sink, Cheap Led Lights interacts with light and shadow. It is made of sandstone that had been cut, chiseled and snapped. LED lights were set into the stone.

Stoneridge Design, Inc.

Stone Bench and Fire Pit Project, Greene County, Pa.

From the beginning of this bench and fire pit project, reflecting light and heat upon the stone drove the design. Stoneridge designed the bench around the fire pit, creating a dynamic feature in the landscape while providing radiant heat to warm homeowners on cold autumn nights. The bench draws light from the fire pit through openings to areas beyond the bench to create a mood of invitation. The light from the fire pit reflects off the openings within the bench.

As seen in LASN magazine, October 2018.

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