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Stormwater Management Workshop at The University of Georgia

Stormwater management is an essential part of site design and development practice, the state of Georgia requires that all plans meet the standards of The Blue Book and or the Coastal Supplement.

The Tate Student Center at University of Georgia hosts a Stormwater Management workshop Wednesday, April 4th to Friday, April 6th and is sponsored by the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering.

Stormwater management is an essential part of site design and development practice. Stormwater technologies and regulations are evolving rapidly in response to changing environmental mandates. Rainwater that isn’t absorbed by the ground or vegetation runs off the land, as it flows off of rooftops, parking lots and industrial areas, stormwater can pick up contaminants. Polluted stormwater runoff flows untreated into stormwater drains and drainage swales where it is carried to the nearest stream, river, lake, estuary or coastal water. A number of Georgia municipalities and county governments now require stormwater management plans to meet the standards spelled out in the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual (the Blue Book) and/or the Coastal Supplement.

This course is intended for practicing engineers and landscape architects licensed in Georgia as well as related professionals such as architects, planners, and erosion and sediment control design professionals. Participants will perform stormwater calculations, utilize computer-based stormwater software, and, through passing the comprehensive post-test, be able to provide documentation as to their proficiency regarding Georgia Stromwater Management Manual (The Blue Book) and Coastal Supplement. The test will be administered twice where necessary. All participants will receive a certificate for CEU credit.

If the registration fee is paid on or before March 20th 2012, the cost is $381.00; if paid after this date the cost will be $420, this includes parking.

For more information please visit the University of Georgia College of Environment & Design's website at or contact Neal Weatherly at

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