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Sunrise, Fla. Dedicates New Parks
Porous Pave for Pathways

New public parks in Sunrise, Fla., (Cypress Preserve and Oak Hammock) have added 43,000 sq. ft. of permeable pathways paved with Porous Pave. The green building material (including recycled rubber) was used to reduce stormwater runoff (before image), while diverting 13,000 scrap tires from landfills. Sunrise, Fla., gets 70-inches of rain per year.

In September 2015, the city of Sunrise, Florida dedicated two new parks: Cypress Preserve and Oak Hammock. Visitors walk and bike through the new parks on eight-foot-wide permeable paved paths installed with Porous Pave XL. The porous and flexible pour-in-place surfacing is 50 percent recycled rubber chips and 50 percent stone aggregate with a moisture-cured binding agent.

"The project required a permeable pour-in-place product to conform to the curves and small rises designed into the paths," explained Dave Abderhalden, capital projects coordinator for the public works division of Sunrise, Fla.

"In addition, minimally intrusive, low-impact installation without big trucks and heavy equipment was important to protect the existing and newly installed landscaping."

Eco Engineering Service, LLC, of Hillsboro, Fla., installed two inches of the porous paving on a two-inch base of washed #57 limestone, leaving a 29 percent void space to allow rainfall to easily pass through the surface and leave no puddles. Every 1,000 sq. ft. of the porous paving equates to 300 recycled tires.

A People for Parks grant from Broward County funded the new parks. Aside from the paved paths, the new parks also have playgrounds and picnic pavilions.

Cypress Preserve Park (8 acres) offers a 9-hole disc golf course and a spray ground with a splash pad. Its permeable paved path is one long loop around the park with a central connection. At Oak Hammock Park (12 acres), the paved path leads to a nature observation boardwalk over a canal.

The city of Sunrise (pop. 85,000) was named as one the "Most Livable" Cities in the U.S. by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

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