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All In One Tool to Find, Organize, Plan, and Manage Projects, and Network with Other Industry Pros

Buildshop management software connects contractors and maintenance providers to homeowners and other professionals, and gives them the ability to schedule, dispatch, invoice, check inventory, make timesheets, get and compare quotes, manage contacts and bids, share information with customers and subcontractors, track orders, changes, customer approvals, vehicles, fuel, budgets and expenses (with integration to QuickBooks and Xero). Report and warranty templates, and marketing and targeting tools are also available. Basic accounts are free. Full accounts offering unlimited projects for unlimited subs and clients are $49.99/month per 2-user package.


Help Simplify the Collection and Analysis of Construction Field Data

Designed for foremen, Rhumbix is a mobile phone app that lets them record details about a job as they happen, such as hours worked, installed quantities and change orders, and receive the information needed to keep projects on track. Field Reporting ($6 per worker/per month) also lets foremen collect required signatures and attach notes to photos. Labor Productivity (an extra $16 per worker/per month) lets them see actual, budgeted and remaining hours per cost code, actual vs. budgeted dollars spent per day, and crew-based performance factors.


Empower Field Technicians to Increase Sales

Letting personnel in the field produce on-the-spot bidding and closing of new sales, add-on sales and service contracts is the idea behind FieldQuotes, which pulls information from a company's back-office ERP system's rate tables, inventory lists, and approved contract pricing to create a bid with minimal back office involvement. It also helps eliminate paper quotes.


Mobile App Helps Outdoor Workers Stay Safe in Hot Weather

OSHA and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health have released an updated app for smart phones and other mobile devices that determines heat index values based on temperature and humidity. It shows the current risk level and forecasts the hourly heat index throughout the entire workday so supervisors can adjust the work environment as needed to protect workers. In addition, the app provides users with specific recommendations for protection against the heat based on the latest science.


Manage Subcontracted Work

Subcontractor Portal is a web-based tool that lets prime contractors input work orders, offer them for bids, assign work and then receive the acceptance. The sub can view and complete the work order on any web-enabled device and can connect the portal to their own accounting system. As work proceeds, contractors can see, in real-time, the status of any subcontracted job - even get an alert for every work order status change. Once the work is complete, controls ensure the subcontractor bills at the set labor rate and parts cost.

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