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Texas A&M Aggie Workshop on Feb. 15
During Landscape Architecture Career Fair

Texas A&M Aggie Workshop on Feb. 15

During the workshop, students will have the chance to work with registered landscape architecture professionals to design a project that will be determined. Upon registration, landscape architectural firms will also have the option to sign up for participation in the design portion of the workshop.

In a tag-team effort, Texas A&M students and professional landscape architects from around the country will come together to offer an Aggie Workshop on February 15, 2019 focused on the role that materials play in the design process.

The Aggie Workshop, titled Material Synergy, is hosted by the Texas A&M student chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects and will take place from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the university's Student Recreation Center Room 1130 during the Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning department's Career Fair beginning on February 14.

For more information on the Career Fair, and possible vendor opportunities, visit

Featured guest speakers at the Aggie Workshop include recipient of the prestigious ASLA Landmark Award, Ken Smith, and president of Dallas-based landscape architecture firm Hocker Design Group, David Hocker.

Regarding the topic of the workshop, Daniel Douglas, an event organizer and senior landscape architecture major at the university, relates in a Texas A&M news release that, "Designers choose specific project materials for more than just decorative or sustainable purposes. Materials can engage a user's cognition, start a cultural discourse, or create a distinct environment."

To conclude the workshop, there will be a social gathering on the recreation center's terrace.

Registration costs $45 for students and $225 for vendors. No option is listed for general public admission, although vendors may bring additional attendees for $75 per person. The registration cost is $33 cheaper if you register for the Career Fair also. Visit this website to read the original press release where you'll find a link to register:

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