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Texas Playground Encourages App Play
App Creators Hope to Inspire More Kids to Play Outside

Texas Playground Encourages App Play

While the activities in the apps work best when used at a park with structures that bear Biba-connected markers, the games can be played at any playground.

Children who play at Ridgemont Park in Orange, Texas can let their imaginations run wild with the help of several connected apps that work with new equipment on the playground. Using a collection of new Biba apps, which are available for free download from the iPhone App Store or Google Play, children and parents can have extra fun sliding, jumping and running as they participate in games and exercise.

Similar in idea to the popular Pok?mon GO app that was released in the summer of 2016, the Biba apps were created to inspire kids to play outside with their parents, siblings and other children. Each game featured on the app follows a code called the "90/10" rule, which requires that kids must be physically active for at least 90 percent of the game or activity, only paying attention to the screen for 10 percent.

Biba works with PlayPower, Inc., parent company of Miracle Recreation, Little Tykes Commercial and others, to collaborate and create these screen-friendly playgrounds. There are already over 2000 active Biba playgrounds located in North America with more on the way.

In an age when it can be difficult to get kids to disconnect from a screen and reconnect with others and the outdoors, playgrounds like the one at Ridgemont Park, along with the Biba apps, offer a compromise that can be fun for both children and adults. The park exemplifies how combining innovative technology with traditional playground settings can create new ways to play and be active.

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