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The California Scenario SCASLA presents Medallion Costa Mesa, CA Members of the ASLA's Southern California Chapter gathered together in Costa Mesa on Wednesday, May 10th, to recognize The California Scenario with a Medallion. The public space, which is nestled between glass buildings and a parking garage, was designed by famed Japanese American Artist Isamu Noguchi, Landscape Architect Ken K. Kammeyer and benefactor Henry Segerstrom. Kammeyer was on hand to accept the award and lead visitors on a tour of the contemporary sculpture garden. Kammeyer began his presentation with a story about the first time he met Noguchi. Everyone was under the impression that Noguchi was going to bring the original site plans for The California Scenario, but when he walked into the construction trailer, he extracted a small cigar box from his briefcase. Inside the box was a model of the courtyard done completely in clay. "It was amazing." Kammeyer exclaimed. "He knew exactly what he envisioned for the garden far beyond what he could put down on paper." He later found out that Noguchi made the model in the airport when he realized that he had nothing to illustrate his vision. In a 1981 interview with the Latin America Daily Post, Noguchi described the irrefutable contradictions which exist between a Landscape Architect and a sculptor. Noguchi stated, "I am not a Landscape Architect. It is a separate profession. You must understand codes, you must be able to cope with varying states of hypocrisy and once more, you are essentially a machine bound to respect business hours." In contrast, he explained, "I am a sculptor. My work is a creative act, not a professional discipline bound to degrees and building codes." As the name suggests, The California Scenario represents the unique landscape of The Golden State. Deserts, forests, rivers and waterfalls are all expressed in this microcosm of California. The water begins at a triangular waterfall that represents the source and winds through a series of rivers and streams before it ends at a pyramid-like structure that represents utilization by society. The SCASLA will be presenting Medallions throughout this year to outstanding landscapes around the state. The next event will be held on June 13th at an undetermined site. Please call 818-548-2004 for more information.

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