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The CLASS Fund

The CLASS fund met at Keeline Wilcox Nurseries for the annual Oktoberfest. $5.00 to the first person who can name everyone in the pictures.

Charles de Garmo (right) of Landform Industries holds a plaque honoring him and Gregg Applegate of Pacific Coast Nursery for their efforts in the CLASS Fund Membership Drive.

The SCC/ASLA Annual Conference

When we stopped in at the SCC/ASLA Conference we ran into George and Connie Bacerra and were lucky to share lunch with (from left to right): Mike Cucchiara (Hydro-Scape Products, El Toro); Kim Shield (our own circulation supervisor); Larry Mackler (also with Hydro-Scape Products); and John and Betty A dink of the Nebraska Based A -G Sod Farms (who are adding Southern California to their list of growing fields).

The SCTGC Turf Show

While at the SCTGC Turf Show Bob Stover (left) pauses with Howard Schau (pronounced Shaw) and Al Mattson from Shawtown Industries to discuss how the new Root Booster root guard protects sidewalks.

The BlA Run Walk Ride-athon

The annual BIA Run, Walk, Ride, Do Any Way You Can-Athon was a fun time for all. Here (from left to right) are rider GreggApplegate, Alex Rosa (Cal-Turf), rider Diana Hendersen, Cary McCollum, Bob Cardoza (both from Cardoza Di Lallo Harrington)

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