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The Evolution of Boston's Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

Chinatown Parks in Boston's Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway incorporates elements of significance to the Chinese culture--gates, a bridge and water.

The Rose Kennedy Greenway is a mile-long ribbon of parks and green space in Boston. Three parks are nearly complete and a fourth underway. The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy is the nonprofit corporation that has raised the money for the projects and to "ensure standards of excellence in the design, sustainability and use" of the Greenway. The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority is managing the construction.

One interesting aspect of the Greenway is that each of the parks is designed by a different landscape architectural firm.

Chinatown Parks (each park area in the Greenway is referred to in the plural) is a one-acre parcel designed by Carol R. Johnson Associates of Boston for the residents of Chinatown and surrounding neighborhoods. The design incorporates elements of significance in the Chinese culture--gates, a bridge, and water. Dedication ceremonies for Chinatown Park, the first of the parks to be completed along the Greenway, took place September 12, 2007.

North End Parks is designed by the team of Wallace Floyd Design Group and Gustafson Partners. The design is said "to reconnect the urban fabric that was severed by the Central Artery."

The Rose Kennedy Greenway is a mile-long ribbon of parks and green space in Boston.

Wharf District Parks is where the city meets the sea, comprising approximately five acres of outdoor spaces unified by planting, paving and lighting. This park is designed by EDAW of Alexandria, Va., and Copley Wolff Design Group of Boston.

Dewey Square Parks is four and a half acres of open space straddle Boston's public transportation hub and the Financial District. Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy Executive Director Nancy Brennan told LASN "Dewey Square Parks" is a working title (not official) for parcels 19, 21 and 22, and the installation of an interim planting plan by the Halvorson Design Group is about half complete. The plantings were commissioned by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. The Greenway here starts with gardens, lawns and pathways, but over the next few years seasonal pavilions will be added to host public programs. Ms. Brennan said Dewey Square Parks will be complete next spring or fall.

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